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VaperMate Franchise Information

VaperMate was born in a tobacco store turned "vape place" in under a year. Our goal is to share our success by providing you with all the advantages of our experience before you waste your valuable time and money trying to gain a foothold in this ever-changing industry.


What is the VaperMate Advantage?

Don't get smoked out by gas station electronic cigarettes - they will fast be part of the past.  Real vapers don't like them and do ALL their business via the internet right now. Our job at Vapermate is to bring those customers to your door. Your existing customers that have tried the local blister pack e-cigs will wonder where these new products in your store have been hiding.

Our one of a kind sample station gives you the peace of mind KNOWING your customers leave happy only to send friends & family back to your store! Customers get to try & feel products that would cost them hundreds of dollars to order on the internet; all the while knowing they are using refills made only in the USA!

A turn-key package of what sells with a more than affordable startup cost. You'll get what's hot on the market today and stay competitive with what's available on the internet. 

The most up to date and innovative products in this ever changing new market without falling prey to buying "junk" your customers won't be happy with. You will be provided with signature products that will DRIVE vapers to your store - YOU WILL HAVE THE EDGE OVER THE INTERNET FOR A CHANGE!

We know what you need and we are here working for you, constantly testing for the best quality and prices available on the market today before it hits your shelves.

VaperMate advertising and promotions are all geared to drive traffic to your store-not to our online store. We understand the importance of local "brick & mortar" shops in neighborhoods where the big box stores live. VaperMate is here to give YOU the edge for a change! 

VaperMate has your turn-key solution to putting your vape-place on the map as the BEST place to buy electronic cigarettes & supplies. Get the vapers coming to you before your competition smokes you out!


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